The farm is currently CLOSED.

The farm's normal picking season is from May towards the end of June.

We will open the farm store sometime in early December for the purchase of jam, honey, syrup, candles and other great Christmas gifts. Dates TBA

Admission as follows:

Small container $6

Medium $10

Large $20

Cash or checks please

For entry into the farm, each guest age 5 and over is required to purchase a container.

See you at the farm !


Blueberry Containers

To all of our farm guests, please pick the amount of berries that will fit in your container.  Container lids need to be closed before leaving the field. Also, eating blueberries in the field is not allowed.

Thanks for your understanding.
Temecula Berry Co

Early Spring

Flowers are replaced by blueberries from February through April.


The plants reach for the sun to absord its rays and warmth.

We look forward to your visit.

Our kids

They are pretty cute and great helpers too!