Candle Care

So you purchased a delicious smelling candle and can't wait to burn it.  Before you do, check out these tips to keep that candle burning bright and smelling fabulous....

 1. Trim your wick

The wick should always be trimmed to 1/4" before lighting.  This is also the case even after you burn. Trimming will avoid a dark smoke and excessive mushrooming of the wick.

 2. Burning your candle

Burn the candle long enough for the entire wax surface to melt.  If only a portion of it melts it will cause a smell hole to form around your wick. 

 3. Do not blow out your candle

Don't want the smoke in the room or wax splatter, place the lid on to snuff out the flame.  It will also keep your wick intact.

Ok, now go enjoy your lovely candle!