U-Pick Blueberries

Our farm is set up for visitors to pick the berries they would like to purchase.  You will be handed a one time use picking container at our welcome booth. Eating in the field is not allowed. .  We plan to be open on Saturday and Sunday from 7am-7pm until the end of the season- which is usually towards the end of June.

For admission into the field, each customer age 5 and over is required to purchase a container.  There are 3 sizes of containers.

Small $6

Medium $12

Large $20

Buses and large tour groups are not allowed at the farm.  For questions or specifics please send me an email at mike@temeculaberryco.com  

Thank you for understanding.

Temecula Berry Company


Elizabeth Culbertson, of Sun City dropped by the farm on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 and picked two pints of Blueberries.  Not that picking 2 pints is really that amazing, but considering Elizabeth was born in 1905, making her a spry 104 years old, I would say that is truly amazing.  I was just speechless at how well Elizabeth walked around and picked berries for about 30 minutes.

What an example of age being a relative commodity.  Elizabeth was driven to the farm by her caregiver Dr. J. Neville, who was so proud of Elizabeth that he showed me her ID card to confirm her age.  Yep- born in 1905!!!
When Elizabeth left, I would absolutely not let her pay a dime.  "If you live to be 104, and are in that great of health, you've earned all the blueberries you can pick!" - Farmer Mike
Elizabeth- thanks for making our day!-- The Graesser's at Temecula Berry Co




We provide the blueberry picking containers.  Just bring the smiles. 


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