Got Questions??

-How accessible is the farm?

Please understand the Temecula Berry Company is a working blueberry farm.  We are committed to making your experience as accommodating as reasonably possible.  Our parking and restroom facilities are accessible and in compliance with the CBC and ADA Standards.  We have dirt paths on our farm that our guests may use at their own risk.  Should you require assistance or have limited mobility, please check in at the customer service window upon your arrival. We are here to serve you and make sure you have a great time.

-Are Dogs allowed in the field?

Sorry but no.  The only dogs we allow in the field are service dogs for people with a disability.
For everyone else, we would prefer you leave pooch at home. 

-Is the farm organic?

No it isn't.  Many of our practices fall under the organic guidelines but we treat our water which pulls us away from getting an organic certification.

-Do you have plans to go organic?

We do not.  

-Do you use pesticides?

Yes we do.  We typically spray an organic pesticide once or twice a year.  If we didn't the critters would kill the plants after a few years.  Our biggest problem are Western Flower Thrip.  We use a product called Entrust which is a spinosad manufactured by DOW.  It works extremely well in only getting rid of a narrow spectrum of insects. There are many beneficial insects that we don't want to destroy- like bees, ladybugs and green lacewings.

-Do you use fertilizer?

Absolutely.  This is one of those questions that amazes me every year.  When plants produce fruit or vegetables, the plant has to mine the soil of nutrients.  If the nutrients are not replaced the plants would eventually not produce fruit or vegetables.  Think of your diet.  If you only drank water and did not replace any nutrients, how long would you last.  (Please do not attempt at home!)

-Should we wash the berries before we eat them?

Yes we recommend you washing all fruits and vegetables prior to eating.  We attempt to control most of what goes in the field, but birds love blueberries.  Personally I would rather wash the fruit than chance the bird poop.

-Are tour buses or large capacity vehicles allowed on the farm?

Sorry but no.  All large groups require a reservation and approval from me.  Send me an email for further specifics- mike@temeculaberryco.com

-Should we wash the fruit before we refrigerate it?

It is best to only wash what you are going to immediately eat.  Washing any fruit or vegetable and then refrigerating them begins a slow bacterial growth.  When you leave the farm it is best to keep the fruit in the shade and right when you get home place them in the refrigerator. 

-How long will the fruit last in the fridge?
If the previous question of placing them in the fridge quickly after picking they should be good for about 10 days.  Under perfect conditions they can last longer, but a safe answer is 10 days.

-Can we freeze blueberries?

Yes you can.  Do not wash prior to freezing.  For best results, place berries on a cookie sheet over night, single layer in the freezer.  The following day place them in a freezer bag or Tupperware type container.  This freezes the fruit the best.  If you are only going to use them in smoothies or for cooking, toss them in a freezer bag and place them in the freezer.  Some may stick together, but if the only use is for cooking or to be blended up- the appearance really won't matter.

-Do you charge admission?

There is no admission charge, but each customer 5 years and older is required to purchase any size container for entry into the farm.

-Do we have to pay for the blueberries we pick?

Yes- that is the plan.

-Do you accept credit cards?

No sorry- cash or checks only.  If you want to know why read a book by Dave Ramsey or visit his website.

-Can I bring a stroller in the field?

Absolutely.... if you have a child.  Otherwise no.  If your toddler is still walking slow, I highly recommend a jogging stroller or a stroller with big tires.  Small "umbrella" strollers are bad on the farm because the small tires plow through the mulch.  Another great KTV (kid transportation vehicle) is a wagon with big tires.

-Are there critters on the farm?

Yes.  The farm is outside and we do get critters such as rabbits, squirrels, gophers, frogs, birds, coyotes (we haven't lost a child yet), an occasional snake, owls, racoons, lizards and piranhas (just checking to see if you are awake :)

-Do you have a picnic area?

Sorry we don't.  We have a couple of shade areas but they are not designed for protracted lunches.  We have 3 great parks within 2 miles that make for a great picnic area.  My favorite park is at the corner of Meadows Parkway and La Serena.  There are bathroom and plenty of shaded picnic tables.

-How long does the season last?

Usually 6-8 weeks.

-How tall will blueberry plants grow?

If they are not pruned, they can grow up to 15 feet.  We prune.

-Are there restrooms available?

Yes portable toilets are available at the farm.  We have one handicap accessible portable toilet and 3 standard toilets.

-Is the farm wheelchair accessible?

Yes, every year we have quite a few people pick blueberries from wheelchairs.

-Do we need to make a reservation to pick blueberries?

No just drop on by.

-Can we take pictures?

Yes.  We encourage you to bring a camera and share your best shots on our FACEBOOK page.

-Can we leave our children unsupervised on the red tractor?

No- CPS is only a call away.

-Are there more blueberries further away from the barn?

Usually yes.  Generally speaking the further you walk, the more berries you will find.

-Are large water bottles or ice chests allowed on the farm?

Sorry but no.  We will be happy to hold them for you at the front.  20oz limit on all water bottles which is enforced.  

-Can we eat blueberries while picking?

Sorry but NO.  We are a business.  Would the grocery store be okay with you sampling for a couple hours?
Please be respectful of that.  Thanks

-What are the best blueberry varieties for this area?

Jewel, Emerald and Southmoon are what I typically recommend.