U-Pick Tips

Tip #1:  Parents- Bring a camera

Tip #2:  Moms & Dads- (and super involved grandparents:  strollers are great for the little ones.  I recommend a "jogging" stoller with larger wheels.  

Most stollers are fine as long as the wheels are pretty big.  A small "umbrella" stroller will not work.  It gets stuck in the ground cover and you will be frustrated.

Tip #3:  Early or late.  I can not stress this enough.  Although in May and parts of June the weather is great, the hotter it gets, the more important it is to keep the little ones out of the mid-day heat.  If it is hot, come early or late and everybody will have more fun!!!

Tip #4:  When its hot- wear a hat and put on sunscreen.  Especially the little ones.

Tip #5  We provide picking containers for adults and children.  The containers we provide are the right size for kids and adults.   Farmer Mike uses two hands cupped together and the key is picking with your THUMBS.  Cup both hands together and using your thumbs and index finger, roll the blueberries into your cupped hand.

Tip #6  Go for a walk.  The area we have for picking is pretty big.  The plants near the entrance get picked the most.  Go for a walk and you will usually find plenty of blueberries.

Tip #7  LIFT Branches!  Most adults pick the berries at mid stomach level (where they are the easiest)  If you carefully lift branches, you will often discover clusters of berries and it makes picking much easier.  Hint- looking for heavy foliage is a good place to lift branches.

Tip #8  If you have never been to the farm, find Farmer Mike or Farmer Ray and ask for a quick picking lesson.  If we are available, we will be happy to show you how to pick and may even give a location suggestion.  Have a great time!

Tip #9  Cash or Checks only.  Sorry we don't accept credit or debit cards.  There is an ATM machine available at the farm.

Tip #10  Be nice.... it matters